The Manifesto

Welcome to The Whole Enchilada. Right off the bat here, I’m not into calling this a blog. Blogs and blogging and bloggers and all of those things seem to come from a different place than me, and I don’t want to bring all the negative connotations that come with those things into The Enchilada. I want this Enchilada to taste real good. What I’m down with is the outlet this offers to hopefully put some cool shit out there for some viewing and reading pleasure to whoever wants to check it out. So that is why this is The Whole Enchilada. And not a blog.

Now my name is Harry Kearney. I’m twenty years old, listen to Rock n Roll, and if I’m not being a lazy piece, you’re probably going to find me outside trying to get into something cool. When I’m lucky enough, I’ll even find the time to get off, or FarmersOnly, and travel somewhere to then do something even cooler. It’s those times I’m going to write about here, when something cool happens and I can be a part of it. And like I said earlier, because I want this Enchilada to make your delicious taste senses purr, give me all the feedback you’ve got. Rip my grammar and spelling and everything apart. I’m not going to college right now, I’m too busy snowboarding, but also trying to keep my wits about me with some writing. Tell me if it sucks. Tell me what you like. I want the truth.

So here it is. The first post here is more or less a manifesto of The Whole Enchilada and what it’s all about, aside from what I just wrote up there. So turn off the Ke$ha, the Beiber, and the dubstep because I’m trying to keep the bullshit down here too. Instead, throw on some Sabbath, or maybe some Waylon, hell, some KRS if that’s your jam; then have some Enchilada.


-I’m lucky enough to know how ride a snowboard, and lots of my friends can ride them too. And we, as snowboarders, are a different type of person. We are nomadic. We are impulsive. We are curious. We are many things. I want to show these things. I want to involve everything I know and love about snowboarding make something cool. I’m going to take what I can from the adventures and experiences that lie ahead of me and write, photograph, document; just capture what I can from them and put it all out there. But like fishing, I want to treat it like I am going to release it, which I am, to whoever wants to look. What that means is with what I’m going to do there’s going to be an emphasis on preservation. The places I go, if I can help, will not be named in specifics. I don’t want anything to get blown out. So, however obvious it might end up being, or if you know the spot, try to refrain from disclosing it unless I do myself. At the same time I don’t want to alienate anyone. I want to appreciate what I see and experience in ways I can show other people, but uphold the integrity of the place and experience itself.

Above all else, the reality is I still don’t know a lot about much at all. I just don’t know. So don’t mind me if I come off as a little ignorant sometimes. At the same time, here’s the “undercooked meat hazard” warning so to speak: I’ll write what I want here, and if it gets into the way of some sensitive feelings out there, I’m not sorry. So, there’s going to be a lot of learning too, and that’s good. Like I said, this isn’t a blog. It’s an expression and an outlet for those experiences. A way to show, visually and (maybe intellectually?), the things that myslef and everyone around me are experiencing. People watch the news and are freaked out from all the bad stuff they hear about the economy or war or some scandal. Then they read a tabloid on some famous person’s failing marriage or drug habit or whatever else. Unfortunately many are blind to the beauty and incredible substance in the world as a result, but snowboarders are not. We see it all on a supremely human level. Yes the economy is bad, but in reality who are we? Are we out there trying to get rich? Sure there’s money in it, but what is it but a byproduct? To make money doing what you love is a blessing, but that’s not what brought you to that place in the beginning. We seek out wealth instead in what we feel. Sinking your tail in as deep and hard as you can at speeds that feel like a thousand miles an hour to you. When you are standing on top of a mountain and take a massive and satisfying deep breath and exhale to find that it seems every fiber of every thing in the world just took that same breath with you, you almost saw the snowflakes and mountains and trees swell up in unison with your own chest. That undeniably true embrace you share with another person after you both carved out the greatest paths you’ve ever taken down the most beautiful white mountain face you’ve ever seen, and were lucky enough to actually feel. These are the measures of wealth and success we enjoy and seek out. This is how we define ourselves. This kind of wealth shapes the eyes and soul into something many cannot understand, because they don’t recognize those eyes and that soul because theirs are different. I am going to do my best to show this world so that maybe they might see, or be inspired, or propelled just to do something cool.

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